Villa Marianna

At the foot of the delightful village of Bassano del Grappa, Villa Marianna was built with great taste and personality by a couple of lawyers who wanted a fresh and harmonious interior concept and palette. The furniture was all custom made in the workshops of Giovanni Visentin or it is part of the collection.

Strongly desired by a couple of lawyers with great taste and personality, Villa Marianna is located at the foot of Bassano Del Grappa: a delightful village not far from the production site of Giovanni Visentin and known for its gastronomy, the ancient structure of alleys straddling the Brenta river, and the millenary woodworking tradition.
The concept of Villa Marianna blends classic and modern elements, combining different woodworks and juxtaposing handmade furnishings by Giovanni Visentin with contemporary design accessories, in a winning blend for harmony and freshness.
The palette is expressed in the recurrence of sage green in almost all the rooms, combined with natural wood and cream-colored lacquer.
From the kitchen to the bookcase in the living room, from the walk-in closet to the vanity units in the bathrooms, all the furniture was custom made.
In the bedroom, on the other hand, we find one of the best-known beds in the Giovanni Visentin Collection, the 679 model, with its cabriole legs and the suede headboard, decorated with a floral rose festoon.
Finally, the husband’s passion for wine is expressed in a small cellar with ancient flavour, but modern functionality: an optimal space for storing bottles, but also for their contemplation.