Since 1973


For three generations in GIOVANNI VISENTIN creativity, care and mastery have been melting together to boost the gesture of the hand and to give life to unique and unrepeatable pieces.
Every detail is meticulously taken care of, from the purchase of selected timber, till the hand finishing of each individual item, up to the decorations. The whole production, from design to finishing, is developed and followed in the workshops owned by Visentin family, from manual operations to the most advanced five-axis processings, utilizing today’s advanced technologies.



It was in 1973 when GIOVANNI VISENTIN founded his company near Bassano del Grappa, in an area already well known for the mastery in the production of high quality furniture. Giovanni inherited the wise knowledge of local cabinet-making from his father and became its custodian, transmitting a taste of unique craftsmanship and quality to his production. GIOVANNI VISENTIN’S history is the tale of a family, that made its raison of being a passion, its tradition an experience, its real heritage to be preserved a job, to be shared and enriched over the time with imagination and elegance.

50 years have passed and, from father to son, the tradition continues, it is renewed and known throughout the world.




These operations are strictly hand-made, by expert artisans with an high level of knowledge of the materials. A job that puts the craftsman’s skill and the wood in close contact: there are still no technologies that can displace these skills.
This job requires great attention, all the wooden species are different in their qualities and defects, it is required to know them and to know how to work them. Each piece of wood is different in its processing and requires a sensibility that only the experience and the human hands could have, in order to enhance the beauty of the raw materials, using the right force and following the right direction, along the grain of the wood.


A “noble” alternative to the thin veneer, the thick veneer differs in the thickness of the wood that is glued on the panel. This ancient process has been evolved, thanks to technology, into modern veneer, which is characterized by wooden sheets with a thickness of 0.6 mm.
Giovanni Visentin, faithful to its origins and traditions, continues to use the thick veneer in its items, guaranteeing thicknesses of the materials higher than the ones ensured by today’s market standards.


When we talk about carving, we immediately think about an ancient art and so, even today, in Giovanni Visentin the ancient knowledge and tastes are kept alive.
The close link with the world of art and antiques in Venetian area has allowed the collection of numerous samples and shapes that are re-proposed in current products.
The rest of the work is done by wise hands of skilled craftsmen, who, piece by piece, shape the different components of precious furniture.


An extraordinary artisanal technique, that GIOVANNI VISENTIN knows in all its secrets.
The antiquing makes possible to reproduce the patina of ancient time, reviving it on the surface of wood: a work that must be carried out strictly by hand, because only the gestures of skilled craftsmen could take action on the noblest woods, to enhance their veins and to reproduce the irregular effect that reminds the one of surfaces designed by time with precise touches.



GIOVANNI VISENTIN skilfully uses the ancient inlay technique. A type of decoration of which our craftsmen are masters: invented in Italy in the fourteenth century, it then spread throughout Europe. The Venetian school is among the most famous and the GIOVANNI VISENTIN’s carpenters, thanks to founder’s teachings, are the heirs of this complex and fascinating technique, which consists in the composition of geometric figures and designs through the perfect combination and joint of wooden pieces of different species. The careful and in-depth study of the antiques, from which we are inspired, allows us to replicate today unique color effects and designs of the past, keeping unaltered the constructive characteristics of the antique furniture. Every inlay gives life to unique and inimitable pieces.



Excellence in execution, attention to details, stylistic research and artisanal know-how in woodworking are the hallmarks of the designing approach of Giovanni Visentin, specialized in the development and creation of customized decorations, according to customers’ needs and desires.
Refined furnishing solutions for every area of the house, from the living area to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the dining room, but also structural elements, as such as wooden wainscots, that warm up our customers’ elegant private atmospheres.



Art embraces stories that time carefully preserves. In order for the stylistic essence to stay intact, it must be proposed again with skill and great interpretative spirit. Venice, cradle of a cultural heritage of inestimable value, offers many ideas from where to draw inspiration. Giovanni Visentin, in its creations, proposes a range of stylistic expressions in line with modern exuberance, staying faithful to flawless canons of elegance, of character and of workmanship.



GIOVANNI VISENTIN introduces itself with a proposal where architecture, art, design and craftsmanship coexist.
With its approach it dedicates itself to the creation of tailor-made solutions, well imagined and ad hoc made, able to satisfy the wishes of refined customers all over the world, interpreting their needs and offering them an unparalleled service.
The basic philosophy is to summarize everything in different styles and wooden species, guaranteeing high quality construction methods and focusing on the production of furniture that becomes “unique pieces”.




Such precious products deserve adequate packaging in order to face international freights and guarantee intact deliveries. So here our attention is at the highest levels in this last phase, by building a sturdy and tailor-made packaging for shipments out of the normal standards.



GIOVANNI VISENTIN has been carrying out numerous projects on all five continents over the course of its corporate life. The research by important and very demanding customers finds in GIOVANNI VISENTIN a perfect answer to their needs. Assisted by a team of tested and trusted over the time close cooperators, GIOVANNI VISENTIN is able to provide a wide range of solutions that meet all the customers’ huge demands, with the most important guarantee, it means a “100% Made in Italy” service and product.