Maison Forte

In Haute-Savoie a mansion dating from the fourteenth century is transformed into a peaceful retreat with an ancient charm, entirely furnished in Italian style. A pure “mix-match” style with contemporary elements that are mixed with precious creations and reproductions signed by Giovanni Visentin.

This brand-new, charming country house is the result of the meticulous renovation of an old edifice, much changed over the centuries and reduced in bad state of disrepair, which today has become a large fortified house where to retreat and find calm and peace, protected from rough weather and from the insults of time. Faithful to their philosophy of paying great attention to the others’ needs, the architects, despite the many constraints imposed by the builders, have accepted the requests of the owners, linked by emotional bonds to the old structure, where one of them was born. Also considering the different tastes of the couple, the interior design, based on the complementarity of the differences, was marked by the search for dialogue between the past and the present. The historical memory has been preserved maintaining as much as possible walls, wall coverings and wallpaper decorations. In every room of the four floors of the house, custom-made furnishings (by Giovanni Visentin) are integrated into the original edifice, in an interplay between the past and the present. In a pure “mix match” style, modern items, containers or precious wood paneling used as screens for technical compartments and service rooms, are the counterbalance to wallpapers with macro decorations, precious wall ornaments, chests of drawers and classic tables in polished wood. Among the vintage furnishings and lamps could not miss historical pieces by the great masters of Italian design.